General information in English
General information in English

The region offers an excellent traffic network and a wide range of low priced tickets. This page will give English speaking residents and tourists a quick tour on the most important features of the public transportation system.


Regular users of public transportation benefit from the low price of the U-Abo (pass for trams, trains and busses) which is valid in the whole TNW area with no time restriction. 

All other tickets (single tickets, discounted multiple trip cards, day passes) are available at the vending machines or the selling points. Please note, that the menu can be switched to English (bottom left).


All tourist staying in a hotel in Basel City are handed out the Mobility Ticket which is valid for the length of their stay in Basel (zones 10, 11, 13 [airport] and 15). Some hotels send vouchers for confirmed reservations that are valid as a ticket for the transit from the airport to the hotel. 

Tourists accommodating in the area of Basel are recommended to purchase day passes / multiple day passes. All tickets are available a the vending machines. Please note, that the menu can be switched to English (bottom left).


For further information please contact TNW +41 61 406 11 88 /


All 600 vending machines can be operated in English.


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Just use the online timetable by simply entering your departing and final destination (see stop in italic letters above)



Enjoy your stay in Basel and take advantage of attractive offers.